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Immediate effect RailGate Europe HQ is distancing itself from Railgate Europe GmbH (Hamburg)

To whom it may concern 2022 10 14

RailGate Europe HQ announcement regarding Railgate Europe GmbH Hamburg

Dear partners, with immediate effect RailGate Europe HQ is distancing itself from Railgate
Europe GmbH (Hamburg).

1. Breaking the fundamental business ethics value set by RailGate Europe HQ to provide
services to freight forwarding, transportation and logistics companies ONLY – RailGate
Europe GmbH sells services to direct customers,
2. Breaking the fundamentals agreed between the CEO and Managing Director Mr Frank
Müller and shareholders of RailGate Europe. It was agreed in order to speed up the
process of opening the RailGate Europe office in Germany, Mr Frank Mueller will open
RailGate Europe GmbH on his name and later on transfer the majority (agreed amount)
of shares to RailGate Europe HQ – This agreement had been broken by the current
CEO/Managing Director Mr Frank Müller
3. Without approval of RailGate Europe HQ trying to take over the RailGate Europe brand
ownership – presenting the registration form to DPMA
4. Without approval of RailGate Europe HQ creating the domain which
is not associated with RailGate Europe HQ and using it for his e-mails
5. Still using RailGate Europe brand to do his commercial activities in Germany.

We are forced to do this announcement since we are highly concerned about Mr Frank Mueller
actions while creating very look alike domain instead of –
we don’t know the purpose of that and it might be used for fraudulent purposes. We would like
to inform all the partners, RailGate Europe HQ is not backing up RailGate Europe GmbH
anymore and any financial loss you might have cooperating with RailGate Europe GmbH will
need to be resolved between Railgate Europe GmbH.

We as RailGate Europe HQ will pursue the change of Frank Mueller company name in Hamburg
from RailGate Europe GmbH to different one and for financial damages he made to RailGate
Europe HQ.

100% subsidiary of RailGate Europe HQ will start operations in Germany by the end of 2022.
We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused and legal steps had already been taken.

RailGate Europe UAB Board

Tadas Abramavičius
Juergen Marass
Linus Ahlm

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